Pre-built Themes And Projects for Rapidweaver.

Clean Project Foundry


Clean is a crisp new template for Foundry 2. Designed to be super clean and minimalist, it's the perfect basis for a multitude of projects where the focus is "less is more".

Create Project Foundry


Bold, minimalist and beautiful. built with all the latest Foundry and Elixir goodness, including Shutter and Flux (optional).

plus a unique free self-installing file manager page script.

Rapidweaver UIkit3 Template


Profession is a stylish and professional-looking template for Rapidweaver and the Uikit3 framework.

It's perfect for the corporate, banking, insurance and service sectors.

Foundry Bundle

Uikit Bundle

All our popular Uikit projects for one low price: Over 40% off.

Foundry Bundle

Foundry Bundle

All our popular Foundry projects for one low price. Over 50% off!

Paris Project Foundry


Paris is an elegant template for Foundry2 incorporating Potion Pack and Thunder Pack addons. It also includes an optional Bloy Powered by Alloy3.

OnePage Project Foundry


Architecture is a pin-sharp template project built using the very latest Foundry 2 framework.

Gradient Project Source


Built using the free Source framework stacks plus the Addons pack, Gradient is an elegant template project for Source for Rapidweaver which includes several custom manually curated menu options and lots of clever Grid Plus powered layouts.

OnePage Project Foundry


Kitchen for Foundry is all about beautiful layouts, clever navigation and subtle gradients.

OnePage Project Foundry

New York

Built using the free Source framework stacks, New York is a great looking project that will help you understand Source layouts.

OnePage Project Foundry


Onepage is a clean and elegant single page project with a beautifully animated navigation bar.

Rapidweaver Foundry Template


A complete UIkit3 powered site for the corporate world. Includes many layout options and all standard pages.

Suitable for any corporate or business style website.

Blocs 3 Project


A colourful one page project with unique looping feature: Get to the bottom, it rolls back to the top: Looper!

Rapidweaver Project

Dog Groomer

A cute project with eye catching content areas and a booking/enquiry form that includes a date picker.

Perfect for the pet groomer or any similar business that books out timed slots.

Rapidweaver Foundation Project


A colourful one-page project which uses cool effect modals to present the content.

Use as a complete website or adapt to suit. Perfect for creatives!

Rapidweaver UIkit Project


A comprehensive demo project to help you get the most out of UIkit3 for Rapidweaver.

Use entire pages as the basis of a new project or pick and mix elements.

Rapidweaver Foundry Project

Modal Menu

Modal Menu is a selection of unique responsive menus built for UIkit3 for Rapidweaver, using only UIkit3 stacks and some custom CSS.

Platform Foundry Project

Club Land

Take your Platform powered Rapidweaver project to the next level with Club Land. Three pages with different design and layout options with the assistance of Big White Duck third party stacks.

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