Made with Chroma from Big White Duck.

footPop is a really handy little Stacks "Template" that features a "popup" that slides (or pops) in from the bottom of the screen to display a message.

You define when it appears and when it disappears using Chroma Markers.

The main Chroma stack sits towards the bottom of this page; you can put it anywhere you want.

footPop is activated by Chroma Marker stacks. The Marker that makes the Chroma popup appear at the foot of the page is located directly below this light grey container. As it passes the top of the screen, the popup will slide in from the bottom.

Scroll down to see.

To use footPop on your own site, just copy the Chroma stack to the page, then place the two Marker stacks where ever you want.

  • Place the Marker stack Style1 where you want footPop to activate
  • Place the Marker stack Style2 where you want footPop to slide out of view.
  • Fine-tune the activation and slide away by using the "Offset" setting in the Marker stack.


Directly below this white container is another Chroma Marker stack, this one is set to make the popup slide down out of view.

The idea here is to hide the popup so that any info in the footer of the page isn't hidden.

Why? Right at the foot of pages is often where you put links to your privacy policy, or terms, or whatever, by making the popup slide out of view, these links are not obscured.


This is the footer. The popup will slide out of view as this section comes into view, so nothing is obscured.

Cool, eh?

footPOP is entirely free from Template Repo, and is made using the free Chroma stack.

This demo is made using the brilliant (and also free) Source framework by Shaking The habitual.