Powered By Poster2 Built For Uikit3

About PosterBlog2

PosterBlog2 is a simple blogging solution for Rapidweaver, powered by Instacks Poster 2 and built on the brilliant UIkit3 framework.

This demo of Posterblog2 includes three layout options, accessed via the main menu.

  • Blog A clean and simple layout with a modern design.

  • Header The same general design and layout as Blog but with a full width header image when using the blog post detail.

  • Sidebar Which splits the page in two and puts the categories etc. in a sidebar.

Custom CSS

PosterBlog2 draws heavily on custom css, if you can't work out why something works or looks the way it does, check the CSS pane.


PosterBlog2 is made available for free on an unsupported basis by Template Repo.