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How it works

Poster is used as the main grid/pagination stack.

On the main page, Poster displays thumbnails manually taken from a gallery which is displayed within the Poster Item.

(If these terms mean nothing to you, go read up on Instacks Poster.)

You can have as many Poster Items (and so galleries) as you wish on each page.

When you click on the thumbnail the Poster Item is "opened", and the gallery is displayed within.

This mini project comes with two version: One built using Instacks Gallery3 stack and the other which uses Poster Lite, a mini-stack that ships with Poster.

My main focus for this was the version using Gallery3, Jannis from Instacks had the brain wave to use the Poster Lite stack instead of Gallery3.

If you only need a basic gallery to display and have the time to build it, the Poster Lite version is a great option. If you want more control and to be able to create the galleries quickly, the Gallery 3 is the one for you.

The Gallery 3 version requires your images to be warehoused, either on your own server or one of the many hosted services that Gallery3 supports.

As the solution I required needed the ability for the client to upload their own images browser side, I've used Instacks Repository stack in this demo project.

You don't have to use Repository though; you can easily just FTP the images to your server if you want.

The demo contains mulitple versions of the same gallery of images, all displayed using different grids/slider and lightboxes available in Gallery3.

Publishing this mini-project to your server

I've set things up so you should be able to publish this mini project straight to your server, so you can get a feel for how it works in the real world.

Just add in your publishing details and publish.

Once it's uploaded log in to Repository and add the images in the folder "gallery" contained in the zip file, it should all work now.

Installing your own version

First off, if you're not already, go get familier with Poster and Gallery. Once you understand how these stacks work you should find it pretty easy to make your own version. If you want to use this demo project as the basis for your own install…

  1. Drag the PosterGallery project you wish to use to your page.

  2. This demo project has about 12 Poster Items, remove or add more as required.

  3. For each Poster Item adjust the Gallery3 stack according to how you want your setup, selecting your desired folder location, lightbox, grid layout, etc.

  4. Add Instacks Repository to a page in your project and publish.

  5. In repository create a folder and copy its URL. Add this to the folder path in Gallery3.

  6. Add your images to the warehouse folder using Repository, publish your page with Poster, and boom, you're new super quick "gallery of galleries" page is done!


Go ask them in the Instacks forum over at RW4All

PosterGallery is made by BaskervilleMe and is provided "as is" for free use.