About UIkit3 4RW

UIkit3 4RW is a unique theme for RapidWeaver based on the popular lightweight front-end framework UIkit. It's adaptable, scalable and blisteringly fast.

About Skyline

A self-contained project for UIkit3 for RapidWeaver.

Helping you harness the full power of UIkit3 RapidWeaver, taking your projects to the next level.

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Skyline comes as a complete project, use it in its entirety or drag and drop sections and elements to use as you wish. All images used are in the resource folder.

About UIkit3 4RW

Built For RapidWeaver By Weavers Kingdom

Over 70 stacks and one powerful theme to develop unlimited animated websites.

  • Free-form framework
    UIkit is a free-form framework for developing responsive websites with drag & drop ease.
  • True modular design
    Use all components powers and features, thanks to a true modular design.
  • Customization
    Change the look and feel of every element, thanks to the extensive settings of each stack.
  • Animations
    UIkit has animations and transitions that make websites look amazing and modern.
UiKitter, the makers of Skyline are in no way affiliated with UIkit For Rapidweaver or Weavers Kingdom.

About Skyline

A self-contained starter project for UIkit3 4RW

Skyline will help you harness the full power of UIkit3 4RW, taking your projects to the next level.

  • All UIkit3 Stacks
    Skyline is built using 100% UIkit For RapidWeaver native stacks, no need for any third party products.
  • Next Level Classes
    Skyline draws extensively on the built-in classes and introduces many custom ones to truly harness the power of UIkit.
  • CSS Gradients
    Skyline uses beautiful CSS generated gradients that you can make yourself or copy from any of the many online generator sites.
  • Alt. Navigation
    Skyline contains the native NavBar navigation menu plus its own unique overlay menu, made entirely from UIkit stacks.
Skyline is created, produced and maintained by Template Repo.

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