Terms Of Sale

  1. Purchases are final and not refundable.

  2. You may not redistribute our products, in part of full. If you do, and we find out, you agree to compensate us for losses arises from your actions.

  3. Our products are tested and known to be fully working at the time of production. However, as our products rely on many external services and products to work correctly, a dependency might change, rendering our product inoperative. If this happens, we do our best to update our product and make available upon request, but we can't guarantee this.

  4. Our products do not record any personal data or "phone-home" during their regular use unless otherwise stated. In some instances, our products are made using third-party products, and while we always try to check they comply with this statement, we can not guarantee it.

  5. Unless otherwise stated you may use our products as many times as you wish, in connection with your own or a clients business. However, this use must conform to point 2. For instance, you may use our projects to build a website for yourself or a client, but you may not give the project to the client. Should you wish to pass a finished project, based on one of our projects, to a client, they will need to purchase our project from us. Contact us for a price.

  6. By joining our members section you are also signing up to our mailing list, meaning we will send you the occassional newsletter. We won't spam you and we won't give your details to others.

  7. We're a small business, as such there might be some things missing from these terms, so if in doubt, when it comes to using our products, use common sense, and everything will be grand :-)

In all instances, we strongly recommend you view any available demos before making a purchase.

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